Cypress Homes is a Los Angeles based construction company grounded on the principles of uncompromising service, dedication to the client, and a relentless pursuit of artistic and technical excellence. Whether the project is a brand new home or a significant remodel, we take pride in our ability to transform an architectural vision into reality while prioritizing client stewardship. By design, we work on a limited number of projects to carefully control quality as well as maintain a close working relationship with you, our client.

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Prior to each Cypress project, a significant amount of time is spent with the client and design team, insuring clear, concise communication and a unified vision for the end-result. Beyond excellence and artistry, Cypress Homes incorporates new technologies including ecologically sustainable, minimal impact materials and energy-efficient techniques using new and recycled products in innovative ways.


The dedication to that communication and the precise execution of each element in the construction process ensures an outstanding final product that carries emotional impact and deep resonance.